Spread Holiday Spirits With A Sustainable Art Installation

In this cozy year-end holiday season, EAST Beijing is happy to announce that they collaborate with local artist Bai Fan to present an artistic eco-friendly installation “The Beauty of Cycles: Nature’s Brushstrokes” in the center of hotel lobby to celebrate this holiday season. More than an artistic symbol to the festival, this installation is a deep exploration and practice of the concept of environmental protection in the context of sustainable development and circular economy.

Reuse and recycle. Artist Bai Fan turned the used hotel materials such as used coffee grounds, tea leaves, cork wine stopper, and recycled paper into a new life, using these materials to create the “east” letters in the center of this art piece. Each part is a natural stroke that comes together to form a complete and unique visual.

This artwork is not only a regeneration of matter, but also an exploration of art forms. It combines hotel’s name and Christmas tree visual from one perspective and reveals the aesthetics of the earth from another.

The seven orange colour boards are the symbol of the sun and represent the unity and change of the land. The blue colour stand and the white texture represent the ocean, which forming a complete story of the earth.

This is a unique experience that combines ecological awareness with artistic beauty and is worth exploring and thinking for everyone who cares about sustainable development. The installation will be unveiled in the lobby for the whole month of December.



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