Wake up to art at EAST Beijing. Inspired by sunshine, urban life and the youthful energy and creativity of our neighbouring 798 Art District; our approach to art and design offers a fresh and unconventional twist on traditional ideas.

With the launch of our new EAST art programme Art at EAST: Urban Remix in our three cities, we’re embracing young creators, collaborating with the creative community and helping go-getting urbanites and travellers see each city through a new lens. 


Introducing Art at EAST: Urban Remix. We're exploring urban living through experiences at each of our three hotels in Miami, Hong Kong and Beijing by collaborating with local artists and designers to pose thoughtful questions. How can we live more sustainably? How do we give reclaimed materials new meaning? Can we bring more greenery into urban spaces?


Art at EAST: Urban Remix kicked off in Miami at the end of 2019 with artist Carlos Betancourt’s playful installation 'On the Edge: The Hopeful Forest.' Launched during Art Week 2019, Betancourt explored the idea of memories and past/present through a series of sculptural totems made from abandoned objects like skateboards and mementos collected from the community.

Stay tuned for the next editions of Urban Remix, coming to Hong Kong later this year and Beijing in 2021.

Design and architecture firm Benoy designed Swire Hotels EAST Beijing’s curved façade and spaces.


Let the neighbourhood in. Design and architecture firm Benoy designed EAST Beijing’s curved façade and spaces to embrace the surrounding parkland, natural sunlight and artistic vibe. The flowing curvature of the lobby welcomes guests in; blending contemporary design elements such as the striking staircase with natural materials such as sustainable woods, bamboo and stone.


Sunlit guest rooms echo the natural and artistic elements of the local neighbourhood, with large windows to let in panoramic views of the city or green spaces. Designed for work and play, the sleek and modern rooms feature photographic bed boards that capture different impressions of ‘massive, mellow, energetic, historic Beijing.’  


Designed by Neri&Hu, EAST Beijing’s entertaining spaces all have a distinctive character inspired by the neighbourhood. FEAST’s bustling open kitchen and abundance of light is reminiscent of local markets. Xian and The Craft Container’s industrial chic vibes are borrowed from 798 Art District architecture while Domain’s use of natural wood recalls the surrounding parkland. 


Zheng Lu’s gravity-defying stainless steel sculpture in our lobby evokes splashes of water suspended in mid-air. Inspired by the myth of JiuXianQiao area where the ‘wine fairy’ dropped his gourd into the river and turned it fragrant forever, the piece is made of over 20,000 characters taken from the “Ode for Alcohol Morality” by Liu Ling from the Wei and Jin Dynasties.


Hunan born artist Ma Han collected materials for his art from all around Beijing, from hutongs, ancient city walls and ruined buildings. In ‘Every Crush Isn’t the Same’ 30 different crushed materials from brick to porcelain and river rock are layered to form the mural – creating contrast between the ancient demolished city and newly built hotel structure. 


Inspired by nostalgic scenes from his childhood like kite-flying and stealing watermelons from a farmer, Dou Liangyu’s artwork has a simple, whimsical charm. His ink paintings avoid conventional or popular icons and symbols; instead capturing innocent and playful moments from a carefree country life.


Provocative, playful and symbolic, Shi Guowei appropriates Sandro Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” using his photo-painting technique to reinterpret the iconic masterpiece through a contemporary Chinese lens. Shi’s use of absurd pop culture imagery invites viewers to contemplate the clash of traditional patriarchal values with modern society. 

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