Wake up to art at EAST Hong Kong. Inspired by sunlight, urban life and local neighbourhood vibes, our approach to art and design is bursting with energy and playfulness.

We’re encouraging creativity, engaging with the artistic community and with the launch of our new art programme Art at EAST:Urban Remix, helping go-getting urbanites and travellers see the city through a new lens.

Art at EAST

Introducing Art at EAST: Urban Remix. Our exploration of urban living through experiential installations at each of our three hotels in Miami, Hong Kong and Beijing. We’re collaborating with local artists and designers to pose thoughtful questions. How can we live more sustainably? How do we give reclaimed materials new meaning? Can we bring more greenery into urban spaces?

City Symphony

EAST Hong Kong launches Art at EAST: City Symphony, an interactive exhibition providing guests an opportunity to explore the Taikoo neighbourhood through an art installation comprised of sounds and imaginative sculptures.

Joining hands with interactive design & tech studio The Collective, independent music producer Edmund Leung, eco-design studio KaCaMa Design Lab and woodwork artists Screw Up Studio, five  'sound monsters' have been created.

Guests can interact with the five sculptures by activating the sound monsters individually to hear each unique sound or by engaging all the 'sound monsters' together to compose a full City Symphony. 

Urban Remix

Art at EAST: Urban Remix kicked off in Miami at the end of 2019 with artist Carlos Betancourt’s playful installation created from objects like skateboards and mementos collected from the community. After Hong Kong, the programme will travel to Beijing in mid-2020.


Let there be light. CL3 Architects designed EAST Hong Kong to maximise natural light for visual impact and sustainability - creating a unique spatial experience for guests from the lobby to the rooftop. Every space was thoughtfully crafted with the guest in mind; from the dramatic interplay of sun and shadow to the calming influence of natural materials and energising effect of colourful art.


Room to recharge. Every guest room is flooded with sunlight, floor-to-ceiling windows letting in sunshine and dazzling views. The open plan layout is tailored for work and play, blending contemporary finishes with the latest technology.

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Yin and Yang. EAST Hong Kong’s lobby is designed to let in light and wow guests with an uplifting sense of space. In stark contrast to the illuminated reception desk, the striking bird-nest like enclosed glass staircase makes a bold statement, inviting visitors to explore further and drawing the eye upward.


Created around the needs of urban go-getters and business travellers, the hotel’s entertaining spaces offer a blend of intimate and high-energy spaces. From the bustling ambiance of FEAST with a lofty 39ft atrium to Sugar’s sleek tiered lounge and private deck areas overlooking Victoria Harbour.

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Bringing a burst of punchy colour to EAST Hong Kong, our signature ‘Made in China’ dinosaurs are created by acclaimed Chinese sculptor Sui Jianguo. Inspired by children’s toys and pop culture, the orange, turquoise, pink and yellow dinos add a splash of playful humour and fun to every space.


Local artist Kum Chi Keung was inspired by the birdcage-like architecture of buildings surrounding EAST Hong Kong to create his thought-provoking Bamboo City installation. Birdcages are a recurring theme in Kum’s sculptures which explore social and cultural issues of Hong Kong’s expanding cityscape.


A cascade of butterflies skirts along FEAST, an upward journey through our spaces. This vividly imagined artwork by Australian artist Jayne Dyer expresses that butterflies are in a constant state of flux, transition and migration – mimicking the movement and travel patterns of our visitors.

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