“With guest rooms that aim to provide maximum comfort with minimal energy footprint, we hope that others begin to share this sentiment and sustainable development truly becomes the way of the future.” Andres Garcia, General Manager EAST Miami 

We want a stay at EAST Miami to be fun, energizing and inspire people to embrace a greener lifestyle. From the sustainable design of our LEED certified hotel to our recycling programs; our eco-friendly choices benefit our guests, team and the environment.

Our team are serving up local sourced dishes, recycling everything from soap to flip-flops, and partnering with local community groups to find more ways reduce, reuse and recycle. And this is only the start! 

Below you’ll find some more details about the different ways we’re reducing our carbon footprint and making sure a better tomorrow starts here.


Science meets art in EAST Miami’s most eye-catching eco-feature, a sculptural Climate Ribbon canopy that soars above the outdoor spaces. This ultra-cool feature traps sea winds, lowers temperatures and collects rainwater for re-use; creating a pleasant microclimate that reduces the need for air conditioning. 


To reduce the waste of plastic bottles, EAST Miami has installed a filtered drinking water faucet system in all guest rooms. The system not only creates significant convenience for guests who seek healthy hydrated lifestyle, but also greatly reduces the use of plastics and hotel’s operational cost.


EAST Miami has two food digestors to manage the food waste at Quinto La Huella. It starts with aerobic digestion with microbial mixtures and then the waste breaks down into smaller pieces, eventually transforming into a liquid, which will be filtered safely into the existing plumbing infrastructure. These machines significantly decrease the frequency where trucks are needed to transport waste, thus reducing harmful emissions.


Throughout the property we have installed a smart pump system that regulates water pressure including an electronic water loss prevention system in case of any leaks or pipe damage. This allows us to reduce water consumption by using efficient fixtures in all units. EAST Miami also collects and reuses rain water for the cooling tower and all landscaping applications.  


Brad Sundock, Director of Commercial Strategies, EAST Miami

"Sustainability means many things to me - only use what you need, replace what you can and help "the cycle" of what’s used to reproduce or not draw from another source. My top energy saving tip is to unplug items that you regularly don’t use, for example: coffee maker or game station. The list goes on and on, but truly in my house, if we don’t need it, we try to leave the devices unplugged!” 

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