Bao Beer

As part of Swire Hotels, EAST Hong Kong is committed to the sustainable development in making existing processes more sustainable without decreasing the quality of service provided and affecting guest experience. The hotel team has continuously shown creativity in various initiatives and projects.

Bao Beer is EAST Hong Kong’s most recent sustainable development initiative proposed by Sugar team, the rooftop bar and lounge. 

concept behindBao Beer

Bao Beer is named after the concept behind the craft beer and the word ‘Bao’ is translates to the word ‘bread’ in Cantonese. 

It is EAST Hong Kong's most recent sustainable development project initiative to transform surplus bread into beer, with the aim of minimising environmental impact and making something delicious at the same time!

Surplus Bread from Domain

In Hong Kong , there is an astonishing amount of nearly 3,337 tons of daily food disposal at the landfill, which Domain, the part café, part co-working space at EAST Hong Kong, contributes partly to this with its in-house baked bread.

EAST Hong Kong believes there is an opportunity to salvage the surplus bread in a creative way to lessen the impact.

Collaboration with Local Brewery

In this journey to implement the idea of converting surplus bread into a consumable product, EAST Hong Kong collaborates with H.K. Lovecraft, the first and only craft lager focused brewery in Hong Kong, to achieve in transforming the unsold bread into a lager. 


Once the surplus bread from Domain is collected and delivered to the brewery, it is blended into crumbs and replace a portion of barley malt, which helps to improve the beer’s flavour profile.

After a two-month fermentation process, the utilized breadcrumbs and grains are then sent to local farm for animal feeding and as fertiliser to create a recycling chain.

Where to find Bao Beer

Enjoy Bao Beer on draught at Sugar or purchase bottled Bao Beer at Domain and MR & MRS FOX!

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