At EAST Hong Kong, we're celebrating the city with an interactive art installation!
Visit us from 5 August to 10 October to play with us.  


Urban soundsplayed by you!


Sitting in the lobby of EAST, five 'sound monsters' will play unique sounds collected from the Taikoo neighbourhood when you activate them.

Can you guess what sounds they are? Activate all the ‘sound monsters’ together with your friends to hear the full City Symphony!


Doggy's sounds come from "The Meeting" sculptures by Anne Ross, near Oxford House at Taikoo Place.

Lady Wild Card

Can you guess what sounds they are? The sounds are produced within our community, in Taikoo, highlighting the sounds of kids playing in parks.

Mr Bench

Come and meet Mr. Bench. His sounds come from the benches that are commonly seen inside our community.

The Rotator

Guess what! The Rotator's sounds come from the exercise machines in Quarry Bay park that you might have walked by. 

Waterfall Spider

The sounds of Waterfall Spider simulate the waterfall in front of our hotel. 






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